What is YouTube Downloader?

YouTube Downloader is a simple tool to help you backup your YouTube videos or videos you have distributed to other sites.


So if I’ve uploaded videos to YouTube and I want them back, I can use this tool to do it?



Isn’t that illegal?

It is only illegal (in some countries) if you are downloading videos you don’t own the content for (including video you have uploaded which already breaks copyright laws), but that’s not what this tool is for. If you aren’t sure that you won’t be breaking the law in your country, don’t use this app!


Does YouTube Downloader work with other sites?

Yes despite its name YouTube Downloader does work with a lot of different sites. YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud being the most notable. There is a full list of supported sites available in the command line with the right switch.


What is youtube-dl and why does YouTube Downloader need to download it every now and then?

YouTube Downloader is a tool to make using youtube-dl easier for most people. We don’t hide the fact that we use youtube-dl as the core of this app. We strongly suggest you check it out and support it yourself at http://rg3.github.com/youtube-dl/

youtube-dl is kept up-to-date by a volunteer team and they update it periodically to ensure it continues to work with YouTube. When a new version is released, we evaluate it for stability and compatibility and once approved, YouTube Downloader will automatically grab it for you. Isn’t that nice 🙂


What is ffmpeg and why does YouTube Downloader need it to convert videos?

ffmpeg is a free command line tool for converting media files. It is not automatically included and must be downloaded separately in order for the Video Conversion Tool to work.

ffmpeg is also required to download 1080p/4K videos from YouTube as it is used to stitch the video and audio parts together after they have both been downloaded.


What resolutions does YouTube Downloader support?


YouTube 240p/360p/480p/720p/1080p/1440p/4K if the video supports it.

SoundCloud and other audio sites download in .mp3 or .wav


All of these formats can be read by VLC media player, a highly recommended free media player, or in Alati Media Player.


Do I need an internet connection for this app to work?

Seriously…? (The answer is yes by the way)


Will YouTube Downloader ever support above 1080p videos, 3D videos and audio extraction?

We are working on all of those. YouTube Downloader will ping you a little notification when updates are available, let it install the updates automatically to get the new features and/or bug fixes.

*If you’d like these features now then you can run youtube-dl from the command line with the right switches.*


*Update* YouTube Downloader now does support above 1080p videos 🙂


*Update* YouTube Downloader now includes the Video Conversion Tool using ffmpeg which can now convert videos to audio formats 🙂