Potential UK Law


We have been watching the latest news on the banning of encrypted communications by the UK Government. While we stress that no law has changed thus far, it looks likely that this will be enforced in the coming weeks.

We have NO intention to abide by this law if it is brought into effect and will continue to distribute Aurora for your use.

We may have our LatiCloud servers taken down for this. If this is the case you may still use the Aurora Enterprise Tool to set up your own personal Aurora server.

We hope that the law does not change as we believe it to be a dangerous attack on liberty.

Yours sincerely,

The Aurora Team

Aurora Release Date Confirmed!

Aurora will be released to the public on 03/03/2014. This follows three Release Candidates and a Golden Master release.

Features available on release:

– Secure messaging between users – information is encrypted end-to-end.

– Encrypted Audio Messages – users can also send highly secure audio messages to other users.

– Remote Retraction – if allowed by the server, messages can be retracted remotely by a user if the recipient has lost privilege or there are errors in the message.

– Encrypted Aurora Contact Book – now you can quickly identify users by their real names within Aurora. This information is encrypted and stored separately to the message data.

– Enterprise support – anyone running their own Aurora Enterprise Server has full control over which Aurora features are available on their server.


We’re looking forward to sharing Aurora with you, it will be available to download here on 03/03/2014.


The Aurora Team

Data Security Policy


Today we’ll be discussing our policy on Data Security.

As an encrypted messenger, Aurora is built to provide data security at all points of information transfer. Information is encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly within the app.

Information is transferred securely from the app to the server. When on the server it is stored in encrypted form. Even if the server is hacked, the information is unreadable.

Enterprise Servers can be run with or without protection, we highly recommend using an SSL protected server for enterprise applications.

Data from personal users stored on LatiCloud is encrypted and protected at all times. However, as a law-abiding company, we will turn over the encrypted data to law enforcement agencies if requested. This being said, information will be handed over in encrypted form as we do not have the necessary keys to decrypt your data and would therefore be impossible to read anyway.

If you’d prefer to have more control over who has access to this encrypted information, we recommend setting up your own ‘Aurora Enterprise Server’ using the ‘Enterprise Tool’ provided with the Aurora Client.

Aurora Feature Preview: Remote Retraction


Today we’ll be talking about one of the new features in the Aurora Client – Remote Retraction.

Retract Tool

Remote Retraction allows you to remotely remove either the last message or all messages that you have sent to another user.

Effectively, if you have sent a message in error, the information is no longer required or the other party is no longer entitled to the information you can remotely wipe it.

This only applies to messages you have sent to that user and it does not prevent them from writing down or taking images of that information prior to the retraction.

Aurora Officially Announced!

Today Alati Enterprises Ltd. is pleased to announce the new Aurora client and Enterprise Tool. These will be available at the beginning of March 2014 and will be free.

Aurora is a secure messaging client which can run over LatiCloud (for personal use) or on ‘Aurora Enterprise Servers’. These are servers set up by enterprises or groups themselves, through which all data passes.

Aurora is the spiritual but much broader successor to the BEM or Basic Encrypted Messenger, which had a limited clientèle and an increasingly outdated interface. Almost every aspect of the BEM has been carried over and improved upon in Aurora, and special versions will be deployed for our existing clients with higher security requirements.