Do you share your computer with your children? Do you have R-rated movies or inappropriate videos on your computer? Do you live in fear that your kids might stumble upon them?

Or do you store sensitive media or your laptop which you take home? Do you wish to avoid a potential leak?

Well fear no more because you can protect and view your media securely with The Looking Glass.

The Looking Glass encrypts your media and will not allow it to be viewed unless the correct password is entered.

Once the correct password has been entered you can view your videos securely (they are never fully decrypted) using AMP. Once you have finished viewing the media, The Looking Glass can securely wipe all traces of video fragments from your hard drive.

For material classified as ‘Top Secret’ ¬†or above, we highly recommend using the ‘Secure erase’ feature when protecting and playing your media. This conforms to and exceeds the security standards used by the British security services and military in data destruction. It does take a great deal longer than usual.

Enjoy watching through The Looking Glass…



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